IT Outsourcing

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Independent Staff Augmentation

In this service, you are free to determine the role and amount needed for the IT pproject you want or is working on. It is suitable for businesses that are familiar and have a direction regarding IT projects.

We will help you to :

  • Conduct assessment of your project

  • Select outsourced personnel based on the roles required by your project

  • Calculating the number of outsourcing required

You Orchestrate the Project.

We Provide Power.

You Simply Oversee the Project

We’ll Do The Rest

Team Augmentation

In this service, we will assist you in orchestrating your IT project. It is suitable for businesses that do not yet have direction regarding the IT project they want or are working on, so they need in-depth project insigh.

We will help you to :

  • Design a project overview according to what you need.

  • Orchestrate projects.

  • Selecting outsourced personnel based on the roles needed.

  • Calculating the entire cost of the project, including the equipment and the number of outsourcing required.

You Focus On The Core of The Business.

We’ll Do The Rest

IT Managed Services

This services helps you to outsource your time-consuming and repetitive business functions to our team.

Services covered such as :

  • Equipment monitoring and maintenance

  • IT system management

  • Remote server monitoring and management,

  • Network monitoring

  • Other support services

Internal/External Platforms.

Expertise For 10 Years.

Software Development

A Special service for those of you who want to create back office management applications as well as digitalize products or services that can accelerate yaour business growth digitally.

Industries :

  • Energy

  • Telecommunications

  • Traveling

  • Food & Drink